My life's journey took me through a divorce at 32 with three children under nine years old, then putting three children through college when my second husband was out of work for two solid years and widowhood at 56! Do I have firsthand knowledge of women's unique issues?  Yes, I do.

My unique path to financial planning and money management started while playing softball on GALS, a Sparta, NJ women's league that I created. After a game, the second baseman (a financial planner) came over to invite me to have a cup of coffee with her, so we could talk. I said “SURE!”. It was my first taste of financial planning, a way to think about money that I knew nothing about before. My eyes were opened to investing and financial planning.

I then decided to get my licenses AND knew I never wanted to work as an employee for any company. I wanted no sales quotas, I wanted no internal hot tips, I wanted no manager telling me what I could or couldn't do with my clients – and so, I have been independent since 1985.

Having been a teacher for many years, sharing knowledge is second nature to me. My business allows me to educate my clients: the more they understand, the more ownership they have of their money and their lives.

So here I am: an independent financial planner, a fiduciary, and a partner to create a plan with you with the goal of Growing Your Financial Future!

Marion G. Cuff, CFS, Independent Financial Advisor, Sparta, NJ
Marion G. Cuff, CFS
Financial Advisor

The Grace Financial Group
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