Darlene Blandina

Planning Assistant / Debt Elimination Strategist

       Darlene came to The Grace Financial Group in October 2016 with a business degree from Ryder University in New Jersey and with a deep and wide background in entrepreneurship and in the non-profit arena. Presently, she holds the title First Vice Chair of the Sussex County Association for Retarded Citizens.

       At The Grace Financial Group, Darlene is the person who collects and categorizes your raw financial data. She'll be present with Marion at your second meeting to gather information and discuss comments you might have about your bank statements, mortgage status, credit card balances, and other vital information that makes up your current financial picture. She'll enter all of your numbers into our proprietary, computerized planning system that lays the foundation of your financial life plan.

        Once your plan is in place, Darlene assists with its on-going monitoring and review, keeping track of any trigger dates like Medicare and Social Security sign-up deadlines, updating your cash flow, researching college loan paydown strategies, and confirming beneficiaries on your 401(k), IRA, life insurance policy, and other pertinent documents. Darlene takes to heart the TGFG promise to “walk the path with you,” and our clients appreciate her attention to detail.

         On a personal note, Darlene lives in Sparta with her husband and three teenaged children. She is an amateur photographer who can be found snapping shots at her daughter's dance classes and at Sparta High School's sporting events. Darlene also enjoys reading biographies and making crafts.