Karen Wheeler

Client Care Specialist

            Karen, a former New Jersey teacher and a 50-year resident of Sparta, joined The Grace Financial Group in 1999 after having run two small businesses of her own. Since then, she's held the treasurer's post on the Lake Saginaw board for over a decade. Her systematic thinking and detailed attention serve our clients well!

            You can be assured that Karen will have meticulously prepared the necessary paperwork to register you as a new client and set up your accounts, and she will keep in touch by phone to let you know where you are in the process. New clients have told Karen how much they appreciated this personal touch.

            We are certain you'll welcome the way Karen's pro-active assistance makes your financial life run smoothly as she monitors your IRA contribution and distribution dates, orders new checkbooks for your non-retirement account, sets up college tuition payments seamlessly from your 529 Plan, and so much more.

             Karen's desire to serve extends beyond the office. In addition to being a devoted wife, mother of three, and grandmother of five, she is an active member of the Liquid Church in Parsippany and has dedicated countless hours in volunteer outreach. To name only a few of Karen's projects: digging a water well in an El Salvadorian village while on a mission trip; assisting annually at Tim Tebow's national event called Night to Shine, which hosts prom nights for teens and adults with disabilities; and hand-decorating over thirty varieties of home-baked Christmas cookies to distribute as gifts, which she's been doing for forty years!