At The Grace Financial Group (TGFG), we value a holistic approach to money management. We begin our relationship by encircling every area of your financial life—assets and investments, liabilities and debt, taxes and insurance, social security and estate plans. Together, we'll look at where you are now, determining what's working for you and what's not. Then, we create your plan one module at a time.
        As your financial professional, Marion doesn't just give you a big black binder with a "plan." TGFG partners with you, helping set your course, choosing the best solutions, and dealing with any detours life may present along the way. During the initial process, we are in continual contact (face-to-face, telephone, email) until your plan is in place.
       Marion manages your investments looking for growth and downside protection. She personally creates your portfolios, which might include mutual funds, ETFs, UITs, stocks, and bonds as required. She does not use third party money managers. She subscribes to Morningstar, an independent research firm, to choose your funds and monitor your investments. Your asset allocation reflects your goals, your time frame, your ability to withstand losses, etc.
        Two meetings a year keep you on course as new challenges and opportunities arise, recognizing that the success of your financial plan is not only about managing your money; it's about living your life